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Happy New Year

The New Year has begun. It’s a time of reflection and of setting new goals.

The question that I have though is whether or not the New Year quest should be just about the goals. Maybe of equal importance is the journey towards them.

Yes, like many of you I do have my New Year 2022 goals that I am hoping to hit. But more important for me this year than achieving the big goals is to work toward them differently than I often have done in the past.

Instead of waiting for the goal to be achieved to feel fulfilled, I am dedicating this New Year to making the journey toward them have more weight than the end result. What I mean by that is to make sure that each and every day I can look back and know that I gave the best version of myself to trying to move forward. I’ll judge the days where I was on fire with the same yardstick as the ones where I struggle.

And that measure will be to ask myself if I gave the best of my capabilities that I could.

If the answer to that simple question is “Yes” more than it is “No”, then I will have succeeded in my quest for the New Year. There is nothing more that we can do than to live the best version of ourselves each and every day. Yes sometimes that will propel us forward. Then in others we might need to take a few steps back to reset things.

Here is a Mondays With Mark Allen video of what I mean by all of this. Happy New Year to you all!

Join us at Mark Allen Coaching and make 2022 an amazing year!

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