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Keeping It Simple: Small Daily Successes

Forget the races. Forget the big deals. The most valued currency of the moment are the small daily successes.

Focusing during these times on the finish line or the signature on the dotted line may be leading down a road with no apparent end, no payoff or reward. Managing life during COVID is a call to draw the lens closer to today and right now, to the small daily successes that won’t rock the foundation of your life, but that will still be fulfilling and have meaning in the history of your life that is read one day at a time.

Think of the simple walk or run. One won’t change your life, but it will be a check in the plus column for the day. The peace you feel from watching the day’s sunset won’t last forever but it will help change the channel today.

These simple things are the small daily successes that we can do and acknowledge right now. How they will fit into the long-range impact of our lives, who knows? Exploring and researching one new work option today may not bring you a new job tomorrow, but it did get you one step closer to whatever is next. A small daily success!

Grand scale impact comes one step at a time.

No one really knows the future, how it will turn out or when our visions and big goals will be fulfilled. The pandemic has showcased that uncertainty like no other time. This period has also made the small positives carry more weight. It also helps shift the focus away from the end result. From there we see how precious and valuable the steps to get there really are.

Just look at running to see this played out. One run is fun and nice, but a thousand of them can dramatically change your physical and emotional state. You can lose weight, gain fitness, feel better and be measurably healthier. Those thousand runs may not get you a fast 10k or help you finish a marathon, but they still make each and every day in life just a notch better.

How many other things are you doing that in the past you missed as a practice or action that really does have value today in a simple way? Shift away from seeing what isn’t being accomplished. See the daily successes. This also shifts your entire outlook on life. It’s about gaining richness from the small things. And why not have that be our focus right now? Who knows when the big ones will come anyway!

This Shed Talk goes deeper into this simple tip for staying health during COVID and beyond.

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