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Keeping It Simple: Trust

It’s easy to get stuck into feeling like things are not going to turn out the way we hope.

This year in particular has been like that for many of us. It’s the pressing immediacy of dealing with COVID among other pressures of our time. But what can be the saving grace is to lock into one simple word: trust.

That simple word is a call to have trust in your ability to keep putting those small foundational pieces of your life in place each and every day. This is waking up each morning, and even if you feel worn down or like nothing is moving in the direction you had hoped for, that you commit to do at least one positive thing for your life and your future.

It’s acknowledging that life can always come up with challenges. But with trust you accept that¬† whatever you are facing today is important for your personal growth and evolution. It’s there because you can now handle it. Trust in that!

This is not your first rodeo. You have dealt with challenges in the past. And you have made it through each one of them!

Let that bring you confidence in your ability to manage anything current that is a challenge. Let it bring at least a small semblance of calm in the midst of unknowns or uncertainties as you reflect back on other tough or impossible moments when you may have wanted to just throw in the towel, but somehow found the strength to keep going anyway. Gather your forces and take another positive step right now.

Think of all the valuable lessons learned from moments you thought were negative. Trust that you are gaining knowledge and wisdom of immense value right now as you navigate COVID.

Yes, you will make your way through today and what may be many uncertain tomorrows. The question about that journey is simple. Do you want to just make it through? Or are you keeping tabs on the lessons learned, the new habits created and the exploration of new ways of viewing your life that will turn this period into an incredibly rich time? Make today the richest period of your life!

Here is a video exploring trust further. Enjoy!

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