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Keeping It Simple: Fuel

Fuel is one of the simplest keys to staying healthy. What are you putting into your body. It’s your only engine. What you fuel it with is your choice and your empowerment when done well.

Of course the exact “how” of fueling your body is a debate that could go on for years. In fact, look at the endless string of diets and eating fads that have strung together your entire life! When I was a kid it was the food pyramid with a base of gains and the top small percent oils and fats.

Keto changed that and put fats at the top of the pyramid and made grains and carbs the worst possible foods to eat. Intermittent fasting has made us even paranoid to eat at all except for a few sacred hours late in the day.

What is the real deal with fuel, with eating to help us stay healthy?

If we step back about a thousand years we might find the answer. Our ancient ancestors only had food that was unprocessed, from the earth or what they hunted. There was no high taste, highly processed or scientifically engineered foods.

Our body and our tongue are the two most finally-tuned tools for telling us how to eat and fuel your body for optimal health at all ages.But the only way those super skilled tools of knowledge can work is to provide them with things they recognize!

Our ancient genetics have no idea out to interpret what a Ranch Style Dorito Chip is providing your body with. The high taste and processed elements create a sound blast that make it impossible to hear the whispers of your body’s knowledge. Same goes for sugar and other artificially added taste additives even if they are “natural”.

Tuning into your body’s own knowledge of how to eat for long-term health starts with dialing back the processed stuff and incorporating more of the natural things that helped our ancestors thrive, and that can help all of us today thrive!

We should not be afraid of food! Fats, carbs and proteins are all essential for good health.

The ratio you use to fuel your body in this simple equation is going to be personal for each person. But the basics are the same. We need good fats and oils to fuel every hormone and cell membrane in our body. We need protein to build the muscle that enables us to move. There has to be a good natural forms of carbohydrates to give our bodies the energy it needs to maintain brain function and to fuel so many daily functions.

During this time of COVID and beyond, stop for a moment. Look at how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat.

What pieces on your plate each and every meal is like something your ancestors ate and what is so far from that view signals to you that, okay, these few things are not helping me tune into my natural ability to fuel my. body in a very healthful way?

Check out this Shed Talk video to get a better grip on this!

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