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Off-Season Training With Patrick Lange

Post Hawaii means that off-season is getting started. This is a part of the year I really look forward to.

After months of intense training I enjoy spending some time with friends and family without the struggle of fitting training sessions in between. So the first weeks post Kona are really all about relaxing and only doing sports when I feel like it.

As soon as my body has regenerated and is back to its normal energy levels, I start to include a couple of training sessions with really light intensity. The key here is to keep in mind that there is no need to peak with your fitness in the beginning of the year if your A-race takes place somewhat in the latter part. That means low intensity for most of the training sessions and reduced volume in general. I know it’s not always easy to let go off your habit of working out on a daily basis. But I’ve found through experience that this period of the year can have a huge impact on both my mental and physical fitness during the next season.

For those longer and less intense training sessions I like to take a trip to somewhere warm. I pack my bike and a couple of friends and just enjoy being outside and active.

Two Time IRONMAN World Champion Patrick Lange has spent a lot of time indoors on the trainer.

Back in Germany I will switch most of my bike training indoors. For cycling that means mostly stationary bike sessions. This is very different than my running, which is still going to be at least 90% outside.

If I use the turbo I’ll make sure not to spend more than 2 hours on it, keeping the intensity at a quite high level. Strength training plays another important role during my off-season. I’ll often times spend as much time hitting the weights in the gym as I do with endurance sports.

One of my most favorite off-season training sessions during winter is a short but intense session on the turbo that I’d love to share with you:

  • 15min warm up
10min base
10x 30sec at Threshold Power or slightly above with 30 sec rest in between (easy spinning)
  • 5min recovery
10x30sec at Threshold Power or slightly above with 30 sec rest in between (easy spinning)
  • 10min cool down

It’s quick. It’s easy. It keeps all my cycling muscles well activated. And doing it indoors I never miss it due to weather!

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