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Shelter In Place Day 11

Like all days since being sequestered in my home, Shelter In Place Day 11 has brought its share of challenges.

One of the toughest is insulating my normally positive attitude from being eroded by news of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Infections and deaths are on the rise. Early optimistic projections on when we would all be able to return to life as it was have evaporated. An extended altered reality seems to be taking shape.

People are becoming more concerned about the six-foot social distance circle. In fact, I accidentally stepped into that invisible bubble of protection surrounding the guy in front of me at the market today and he got really agitated. “Can you please back up and give me some space!”. “So sorry!” I didn’t even notice I’d dropped into his safety barrier. I guess we do need to be careful though.

Curbing the spread of the virus has been slow. Hospitals are reaching capacity. People are freaking out about the ramifications of it all. But then something incredible occurred to me today.

There will be an end to all of this at some point. And just like any traumatic situation or illness in life, in the moment it can feel as if it will go on like this until the end of time. But even in the midst of a journey none of us has seen before, I’m finding points in the day where something happens that gives me a perspective change.

During Shelter In Place Day 11 I had a couple of those. They were simple daily life situations where I had to just laugh at how ridiculous they were. There were also a couple that were reminders I sill have the chance to experience parts of life that are gratifying and freeing and very positive.

This video describes all of them for you. It’s not a serious look at what’s going on, but more a reminder to just giggle as each day passes under our feet and we are fortunate enough to wake up to experience another day no matter what it brings!

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