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Shelter In Place Day 46

It’s been sixteen days since my last post on this topic. How time flies! Today is Shelter In Place Day 26. It’s become something akin to a dull ache that I just shut out of my mind and carry on with life as best as I can.

I’ve surrendered to just managing the things I cannot change rather than trying to make them different. I’m trying to find the positive in the quirky addendums to life that have become the new normal.

Here’s my favorite. It has to do with the masks. They are good at shrinking the circle of contamination we own that houses the possibility of infecting others. But they do that because not much gets in or out of them.

That little fact ends up making me feel like I’m suffocating. I’m recirculating my own used regurgitated air! I check my finger tips from time to time while I’m shopping. Still haven’t seen them go purple, so I figure I’m still getting enough O2. Instead of complaining, I’m just calling this my time at high altitude! I figure it’s building my blood cells like crazy. Maybe I should just wear it all the time. Hmmmm!

But seriously, Shelter In Place Day 46 seems like a very long time if I look at that number: Forty-Six! Kind of like a birthday where you go WOW! How did I get to be that old!

Of course there are real positives for all of us in this situation if we just take time to see them. Unfortunately there are also negatives that none of us can change. Our only path forward is to manage them, pivot where needed and create new ways of living and working and being with each other.

One of those modifications has been trying to come up with alternate ways to generate income. That is not easy! Usually interaction is involved with income, and that has been cut to a minimum. I’ve been trying to come up with some new ideas since this all hit the fan. The other day while I was walking through the grocery store in my mask I did a quick search of the whole scene. The lightbulb went on. I came up with a grand idea for a new business!

Check out this video to see what my idea is. And let me know what you think of it. I think it’s got legs 🙂

Be safe, be healthy!


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