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Strength Exercises Illustrated With Photos

Here are the twelve full body strength exercises in the MarkAllenCoaching showing the beginning position and the end position of each one.

Lateral Pull-Downs

Lat Pulldown beginning position, lower back arched.
Lat Pulldown end position, bar at upper chest in front of body.










Leg Extensions

Leg Extension end position, knees locked at top.
Leg Extension beginning position.










Leg Curls

Leg Curls beginning position.
Leg Curls end position. Make sure to life controlled.








Bench Press

Bench Press beginning position. Hands slightly wider than shoulders.
Bench Press end position just about mid-chest, then lift back up to beginning position.









Squat beginning position. Legs slightly wider than shoulders. Solid core.
Squats end position. Upper leg horizontal to ground, lower back arched, butt pushed back and knees no further forward than the wide point of your foot.











Dumbbell Pullover

Dumbbell pullover beginning position. This is the only exercise where you breathe out on the lowering of the weight and breathe in on the lifting of it.
Dumbbell pullover end position. Again, breathe in on the lift back up. Lower to stretch ribcage.









Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunge beginning position. Legs about shoulder width.
Reverse Lunge end position. When you come back up to standing, drag the back foot on the ground and contract the glutes coming to a fully locked upright stance.











Side Lateral Raise

Side Lateral Raise. This is a four step lift. Start with arms down to side.
Side Lateral Raise part 2. Raise to just below shoulder level with palms downward.












Side Lateral Raise part 3. Turn palms over before lifting further.
Side Lateral Raise part 4. Continue lift up to full vertical. On the lowering, keep palms up until just ABOVE shoulder height then turn palms toward the floor or the remainder of the lowering back to the beginning position.











Calf Raise

Calf Raise beginning position. Heel just barely below horizontal. DO NOT hyperextend the calf with a deep lowering of the heel.
Calf Raise end position. Up on the toes.












Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls beginning position. Arms at side, elbows in.
Bicep Curls end position. Again keep the elbows in and solid against the side. Avoid having the elbows swing forward.











Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension beginning position. Elbows solid against side.
Tricep Extension end position. Again keep elbows at side. Avoid having them swing back.











Leg Press

Leg Press beginning position. Feet just about shoulder width (similar to cycling position).
Leg Press end position. Then push back up to original full extension position at top.

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