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Keeping It Simple: Inner Landscape

How’s your inner landscape, the place inside of you where all actions and thoughts are created in you life?

Is your inner landscape finding it tough to lock into a dedicated positive direction right now? Does pausing to take a deep breath leave you feeling like you need another pause and another deep breath? Have you pulled the covers over your head in the morning more often than you have jumped up ready to explore life? If so, you are not alone!

Does your inner landscape need a reset? If so, let’s do it right now!

We cannot change all of the circumstances that are affecting our lives right now. But we can change our response to them. Yes, it can be unsettling to want answers and solutions but none are coming. So instead of letting it cause anguish, use it as a prime opportunity to build a safe house in your inner landscape that puts the need for answers outside its walls. Fill that inner space with quiet and calm even though nothing else has changed. Right now, right here, take a moment and embody that calm.

Finding calm is resiliency taking place. Resiliency is that part of our inner landscape that scours the universe for solutions that are new and different and immediately effective at turning our attitude in a positive direction. Find that resiliency now.

What is one thing you can do each day this coming week that says I did that one practice, that one action that made my inner landscape feel and look a little better?

Maybe that one thing is a commitment to getting 30-minutes of exercise every single day, no negotiations allowed. It could be a commitment to being in bed with the lights out by 10:00 pm instead of midnight. Partner up and make that commitment a walk with a significant other at sunset, no texting allowed during that time together. Whatever it is, do it this coming week.

Maybe that one thing you do each day that fills your inner landscape with a good feeling isn’t about doing anything different at all. It might simply be to see that you and your life are precious and blessed even with whatever problems weigh on your mind. That one positive thing you do each day could even be doing one thing less! It’s giving yourself permission to take it a bit easier by lessening one demand on your time. Whatever that is, cut it out and give yourself some needed space.

Give your inner landscape some attention this coming week with a new outlook.

Turn a struggle into a practice of simply chipping away one step at a time at the mountain that stands before you. It will succumb and be molded in amazing ways through each seemingly small insignificant daily effort. Find a place inside that enables you to see that things don’t have to be perfect for life to be going perfectly. Use that to learn a lesson you know you would have never grasped without being alive right now in these times.

For a moment give feeling at odds with things weight. Have it be okay to feel like you are just not on top of your game. But then move on. Take one step each day that is positive. Stop at least once before day turns to night and remind yourself of one thing you are grateful for. Your inner landscape will thank you for doing that!

Enjoy this Shed Talk where I go further into Keeping It Simple Inner Landscape.

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