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Keeping It Simple: Life Trajectory

What’s your life trajectory? Not in the immediate snapshot, but in the big picture?

Pull the lens back a few focal points for a moment and take a look. An immediate challenge is not how the rest of your life is going to be. A burdensome load of responsibility and work doesn’t mean it’s written in stone to be like that forever. That is, if you do something about!

It’s nearly impossible to have life in complete balance from a moment to moment vantage point.

Think about it in training. When you are getting ready for a big race, it’s very likely that you are doing some extreme training to get ready. A snapshot view of that life trajectory of your workout load could look completely insane if considered from a longer term vantage point.

It is likely not sustainable for more than a few weeks or months. But with a taper and the long-term filter you can the big picture trajectory will be balanced. And the best part is that you’ll be in significantly greater shape than had you not gone out toward the edge for a short period.

Here’s a few simple questions to ask yourself. Is my life trajectory looking healthy? Is it sustainable? Are there things I need to change to make both of those goals possible?

Now is a great time to contemplate these questions. Pretty much all of life has been shaken up recently around the globe. What a great opportunity to look at one’s life trajectory and do something about it if it needs some adjusting.

No one is going to question you trying something new. You’ll likely get a lot of support for doing the same stuff in different ways than you have ever done before. From work to working out, it’s a chance to reconsider and rejigger how all the pieces of life are fitting together. It’s a golden opportunity for letting new methods, approaches and mindsets work on your life trajectory to help make the bigger picture be something you can look at and go, “Yes, this now looks good!”

Here is a Shed Talk on this very topic. Enjoy!

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