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Keeping It Simple: Know Yourself

You know the adage that says One Size Fits All. That is just not true though!

From the amount of exercise each person needs to feel good to food intake, sleep amounts and time socializing, we all have our own unique fingerprint that is not going to be exactly like everyone else. And the only way to get the mix right is to know yourself, especially during COVID and beyond.

What makes this quest to know yourself even more important right now is that a lot of the solutions for thriving are going to be new ones that require us to change. Workouts may need to shift in-home. Work itself might need to look different or even be completely new. We can feel more wiped out than normal even though the pace of life is slower.

But what will be the solutions and new strategies can be more easily found and implemented if you know yourself.

So what part of “know yourself” am I talking about? It’s the part that knows how you implement something. And that world can be split up into two super basic kinds of people. There are those who tend to be best when directed what to do. And then there are those who tend to make a lot of new things happen because they are great at delegating to others to go out and work in the weeds. Which are you?

The challenge for those of you who are the worker bees who like to have some solid direction is going to be that there is no real guiding force telling you what to do other than yourself. Self-management is going to be the only way to really come up with the new ways of doing things that helps you thrive now. You’ve got to become your own personal boss when it comes to creating new ways of doing life.

But that is easier than you might think. The first simple step is to assess and see what is missing, what is not working and ask what might be some new innovated solutions. Then Google those topics to see what others are doing along those lines. Why reinvent the wheel!

If you are a delegator during this time of self-management you are going to be most effective when you become the person you delegate to.

You become both boss and employee. No one can do the in-home exercise for you to stay healthy. You are the only one who can make sure you take time each day to daydream and reflect and relax. Someone else cannot get enough sleep for you!

Either way, this is a time to put one simple step in place that will serve you well now and beyond COVID. It’s a chance to expand the way you implement change. And this helps you live the life of the proverbial bamboo: bend but don’t break!

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