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Keeping It Simple: Take The First Step

During COVID most of us are going to have to initiate something new. It could anything from finding a new way of exercising to coming up with a different way to carry on with work.

Regardless of what it is, often the most difficult part is to muster up the courage to take the first step.

The reasons are pretty basic. To take the first step into doing something in a new way means tossing aside whatever proficiency we had and becoming a novice again.

And depending on how big the change is, it can really mean starting from the very beginning. If your local gym is closed, you may find yourself figuring out how to do some strength work at home. That does mean you will take the first step. You buy some stretch cords, bands, a few free weights then search the internet for in-home workouts. Boom, you did it.

But if you are having to take the first step to come up with a completely new way to make a living, that is a big one! It takes time to find new employment or to create your own gig. Neither will likely fit the ideal timeline of regaining income today! Both will require you to take the first step toward figuring it out though.

The silver lining to making changes and coming up with new ways of doing things in our life right now is that many of us do have time.

We can contemplate what is most important. We can take the time to be creative in solving the issues that are arising. And eventually with enough daydreaming, we do come up with ideas.

Many can be incomplete. That’s okay! Take the first step in a new direction. That’s the biggest one to take. The ones that follow will be much easier!


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