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Keeping It Simple: Move

Life can feel more challenging now than ever with the pandemic. Some things we normally do are impossible to do. The rest just seem to take more effort.

We are all trying to figure it out. How do we work in a new way? How can we maintain safe space but still be together socially? We are all being stretched to find many new solutions for carrying on. But I want to keep things simple and offer my top 15 strategies for staying healthy and happy during COVID and beyond. And the first one is this: Move!

Yes, it does sound simple and it is. Human beings are hardwired to feel better and stay healthier when we move. This could look like the standard things we think about when we go out and “Move”. Running, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, cardio workouts all qualify.

It could be more creative like hiking, gardening, sunset walks with a significant other or even parking at the far end of the lot rather than at the front spot near the door of a store.

The main goal is move. Burn more calories than you would just sitting around.

And if done strategically the call to move will benefit every aspect of who you are. A simple walk outside gives you time to daydream and problem solve in a creative rather than linear way. It gives you time to take in the view of something other than a computer screen. And if done with focus and intent, it can be one of the healthiest things you do for your body regardless of your level of being athletic.

And with this simple call to move, I want to also put a goal out there for you. Move more than once a day. Yes a 30-minute run in the morning before breakfast is great. But the positive effects of that exercise will be amplified if you do something else later in the day. It could be another run, a walk, a short core workout in your living room. The list goes on. It doesn’t matter what that second “Move” is. But doubling up is dramatic in the impact on your health and well being.

Check out this Shed Talk with more ideas about Keeping It Simple: Move.

Join us at Mark Allen Coaching and keep moving!

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