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Shelter In Place Day 21

I’ve been thinking about a few things recently. And with the coming and going of Shelter In Place Day 21 there’s been a lot of time for thinking!

The usual diversions of anything outside the house are gone. It’s only the occasional trip to the grocery store. Yes, fortunately many of us can still exercise outside. But the biggest difference is that even though we are all in this together, I have been hit with a feeling of isolation.

Even when I am out and see others, we all steer clear to keep social distance. I get the feeling that we are all looking at each other like potentially dangerous carriers of the virus.

Recently people even seem to be avoiding eye contact as we pass.

Fortunately. I don’t think you can get it from just looking at another person! Yes, we do need to be very careful and take as many basic precautions as we can. But another thing that is becoming apparent after Shelter In Place Day 21 rolled around is that no matter how careful we are, there is still going to be some risk of catching or transmitting the virus. In other words, spending 90% of our days at home is still not going to put the risk of catching it at 0%.

We all seem to grasp that unsettling fact. And because of that people seem to be doing less outings to the store but stockpiling when they do go. I do understand a lot of what people are choosing to fill the cupboards with. Dried beans, baking ingredients, canned good and the such.

But there’s one thing that I still can’t figure out…our obsession with stockpiling toilet paper!

What is behind that? Never in my 62-years on the planet have I seen anything like this. Never has there been an empty shelf where rolls of toilet paper should be. Does this say something deeper about how we as humans respond to dramatic shifts in things influencing survival?

Check out this video to get my thoughts on the Toilet Paper Dilemma!


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