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Shelter In Place Day 23

Today is Shelter In Place Day 23. However, it’s the first day that something significant has been stripped from my life because of the COVID-19 precautions. It’s the first day that surfing has been banned.

Fortunately I am still able to do my indoor bike training. I can still get outside and run. I have done functional strength work out of my home for years now. But surfing has just become the one staple of my exercise routine that is not an option now. Thankfully though on the grand scheme of things this is a minor blimp.

We are all being impacted. That’s a given. Together we are figuring out how to navigate the virus and keep moving ahead. Everyone is looking into their crystal ball trying to figure out what the new “normal” is going to look like. No one knows exactly when the word will come down that it is finally okay to resume life outside of our homes.

Valuable lessons are being learned from all this. How we deal with the unexpected is being revealed and refined. Our willingness to think of others and help where needed is being exposed. We are all being asked to surrender a lot from our own lives for the interest of society as a whole. Lots of big things indeed!

But beyond that, I have to ask myself. What’s going on in the bigger picture of this pandemic that has reached every nation on earth?

Is there a reason this is all happening that maybe doesn’t have human concerns at the heart of it? It’s easy to think the situation is about human beings. But what if the real purpose is for everything that is NOT human?

I gave this some thought and put my ideas into the video below. Check it out to see what I am thinking. And for sure, let me know if you have been having any of the same feelings!


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