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Shelter In Place Day 3

It’s Shelter In Place Day 3 in my home and one this is deafeningly clear. There is no one who is getting out of being impacted.

The world need to response to COVID-19 for sure, and with that everyone is going to feel it. Businesses have been shut down. Travel has been restricted. Even leaving our homes has taken on a completely new dynamic. And most importantly, some have become sick or worse.

As athletes, the impact is clear. Races are being cancelled or postponed. Gyms have temporarily closed their doors. Pools are off limits. A lot of those who keep their training focus with the carrot of a race coming up are now like a boat without a rudder. They have lost their motivation to train and are wondering what to do.

But like any kind of adversity, it’s going to be an opportunity to find solutions and work arounds.

The reasons for doing anything will likely need to be altered. Purpose to get out of bed and do more than worry will by necessity have to be found.

I will be posting my thoughts as I too navigate through this ever-changing time. Some may be suggestions on how to adapt actual training so that you do keep getting out there and staying fit. Most will just be what I am seeing and experiencing.

In this video I am talking about Shelter in Place Day 3 here in Santa Cruz, CA. I think you will likely hear an echo of all conversations you are likely having with your family and friends. There’s likely nothing earth shattering in it. But like getting through anything, it’s often easier when you feel like you are not the only one rowing the boat of challenge! Enjoy and stay tuned for more!


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