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Shelter In Place Day 4

Shelter In Place Day 4 brought a few surprises. One of them was something unexpected and frankly a bit disturbing.

I share what that is in the video below. But like anything negative, there is usually a silver lining. You’ll have to watch to see what both of those things are!

I’m going to be asking you one simple question in a lot of these special edition Shed Talks that I do as we work our way through uncharted waters together. It a question that has to do with something that all athletes should have a positive answer to each and every day. Again, you’ll need to check out the video to see what that question is!

Like I mentioned in the previous blog post on this topic, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts, observations and what I’m doing during my time at home. This is Shelter in Place Day 4 here in Santa Cruz.

Other countries have been under lockdown for a lot longer than that. My brother is flying home from France tomorrow where is runs a soccer club. Their entire season has been put on hold, with FIFA making it a big infraction if you are caught training now. Yes, a world like nothing we have seen before.

I hope you are all coming up with creative ways to stay fit, stay active and stay sane. If you have something fun that is a workout idea spurned by the situation, please share it with us. I love to see what others are doing and hear how you are turning this challenge into an opportunity to uncover some new ground and make the most of the situation.

Stay tuned for more as I continue sharing my personal experience through this. Again, I will offer some ideas to help with the logistics of life. But most importantly I’m just staying connected with all of you!

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