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Shelter In Place Day 5

Today was Shelter In Place Day 5 in Santa Cruz. And I, like many, are looking for ways to make things positive.

Families are getting to spend more time with each other. The usual distractions of work, school and social gatherings have diminished for many. That seems to be settling well with most. Our health care workers are being pushed to the max, but within that there seems to be a sense of really pulling together to do something good for the collective good.

I saw during my triathlon career that so many of the “bad” situations that I had to deal with in races ended up being where I figured out some key lessons that served me well later on. At the time it was easy to be cynical, like why did I lose at IRONMAN again! But eventually the collection of lessons learned in many a tough race because a vital base of knowledge that eventually enabled me to put together some of the most memorable wins of my career. I’ve been trying to apply that same focus this past week as Shelter In Place Day 5 comes to an end.

The questions to ask are fairly simple. What can I do? What must I let go for the moment? How can I make today a success even if “success” has nothing to do with anything other than finding fulfillment in something simple like noticing the color of the new grass that spring has pushed up in my yard.

Whatever we can do to create silver linings today will lead to gold in the future.

Life is not on hold. It is still continuing on. It’s now a question of how we will focus our choices. Will they put us in a holding pattern? Or help propel us into something new and wondrous. Enjoy this video as I describe how I find those new strategies and make positive choices.


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