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Shelter In Place Day 6

Shelter In Place Day 6 has come and gone. It brought me a challenge that really had nothing to do with the COVID-19 situation.

However, because of the of being on the homebound schedule, what I learned about this particular challenge will help me out in so many ways when things get back to a more open way of living and working.

What was this particular challenge? It was that I just wasn’t in the mood to workout! Of course we all have days like that, and I have certainly had my share of them in the past. Yes, even an IRONMAN champ has days where getting out and training just don’t strike that cord of motivation to actually go do something.

I have done some sort of exercise for nearly 52-years. That’s plenty of time to come up with some personal negotiating techniques to either talk myself into getting out the door or in other cases to talk myself out of it.

Today was a 50-50 split for hours. Finally I did make a deal with myself to just do an abbreviated session. The good news is that it actually felt really good once I got moving. But what was most important about today was knowing that had my life been going on as normal, meaning “busy”, I would have used that as a “valid” excuse to just blow off exercising.

Fortunately I did get going, and as I said, I felt great by doing that. It was a simple reminder of how important exercise is to my health, to the health of all of us! If done at moderate intensities it stimulates our immune systems to be stronger. It clears our mind and reduces stress. It’s a chance to daydream. And that is a time where I have come up with some of my best thoughts and ideas ever!

Yes, Shelter In Place Day 6 taught me a valuable lesson. And just like all the others that have come to me during this time, they will be priceless bits I can use in my life forever! Be well. Be healthy!

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